Ira Haberman

As the host and executive producer of The Sound Podcast, Ira brings almost 20 years of experience working in all facets of media in Canada. He has always had a passion for music and saw his first Grateful Dead show on December 28, 1991 in Oakland, California. When he isn’t listening to music or enjoying a live show, you can catch him watching a Toronto Blue Jays or Toronto Raptors game. Ira is the proud father of two teen girls who hate Dad’s music :).

Adam Karch

Technical Producer, Adam fell in love with the Grateful Dead in 1990. He saw his first show on March 20, 1992 in Hamilton, Ontario and never looked back. His immense love for the band and their music has only grown over time. With over 20 years experience in radio and audio production, it seemed the right fit to parlay his passion and skills into something meaningful, something he could share with all the fans of this great community. Adam is married and a proud father of two girls.​​

JD Cohen

J.D Cohen is a Boston based photographer who has been involved in the live music scene in New England and the Tri-State area for many years. His obsession with music and photography started at a very early age- he attended his first Grateful Dead show in New Haven, CT in 1978. His first official shoot was for The Eric Krasno Band and The Marcus King Band at the Brighton Music Hall early in 2017. When he is not in the pit, J.D enjoys the being active and outdoors skiing, mountain biking, softball, golf and hanging out with his 2 sons, who are very fond of travelling internationally.

Andrea Rooz

The buttery soft woman’s voice you hear on everything The Sound Podcast produces belongs to this insanely talented woman. Andrea’s voice is synonymous with goodness, and it can be heard throughout Toronto as one of the Toronto Transit Commission voices. She has spent a career in media, and continues to lend her talent to various radio and TV commercials, corporate videos and much more. She’s a huge music fan and has a gorgeous painting of Jerry Garcia hanging in her office. She saw her first Grateful Dead show at Kingswood Music Theatre June 30th, 1987. She’s a Mom to two, a wife to one and a master juggler.

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