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Ryan Zoidis

To describe Lettuce, in any specific genre would in itself be as silly as their name. They are a genre-busting six-member funk/jazz/soul/jam/psychedelic/hip-hop/art rock/ambient/avant-garde/experimental collective formed in 1992 by four alumni of the prestigious Berklee College of Music. But you probably knew that already. They’ve released a series of a records, but it’s been a while since 2017’s Witch’s Stew a tribute to Miles Davis came out. They are constantly on the road, trying out new jams, and even played some Jerry Garcia Band tunes at Lockin’ festival last summer. So with all that in mind, we wanted to catch up with Ryan Zoidis the sax wielding maniac of the band, to get some insight into Elevate and more. Elevate is going to blow the roof off your car, home, or frankly your noggin’ once you hear it. I can tell you, first hand, it’s a burner, and you’ll love it all. Good thing it’s out June 14th. For more on Lettuce and their tour schedule visit 

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:28 – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Interview Begins: 06:06

Extro Song: 37:04 – Krewe

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